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Posted on behalf of Digby Curtis, joint partner and founder of New Fantasy Art with Dave Clifford.

My wife and I have spent over 25 years together living in any out of the way cottage we could find, as long as it had enough land to grow our food. This was firstly to supplement the small income we received practicing alternative therapies, but soon because of the sense of well being it brought working with the land, and because it tasted so much better. Also, living this Way allowed me the freedom to paint for days at a time.

Digby CurtisIt was whilst living in an isolated cottage sat within five acres of land in the middle of the woods that I started glimpsing Faeries, often as balls of light drifting around the flowers, though occasionally coming right through the walls into our rooms. Once or twice I saw perfect miniature limbs within these nebulous lights, and the rest was added by my artist’s imagination.

My Faery Art was well received at festivals in the UK, and now it seems, all around the world, though this Collection has only one or two of the originals in it, the rest are new and much closer to what I’ve been attempting to capture of the Faery World feeling, and also greatly improved by the photographic work of my wife Julie who helped to create the atmospheric backgrounds, passing hours walking the Island looking for moss covered branches in dappled light and shade.

I’ve spent most of my 64 years seeking Self Awareness, spending a year with Sai Baba in India, following months in the Himalayas, and many years studying Advaita in the works of Papaji, Nisargadatta, and Ramana Maharshi. This led me to quietly sitting at the bottom of our garden overlooking fields and the ocean, getting to know the Satguru within me, rather than looking for Him outside of me in the world. Occasionally now I find myself playing the role of Guru for others, though I’m still nought but a fool to mySelf.

The Fantasy Art Collection reflects my journey of Self discovery, incorporating some of those esoteric symbols used in religious icons, though no such knowledge is necessary to appreciate the artwork. A few lines hinting at the underlying meanings are given on the backs for those seeking something more than just the image itself.

Some of these pieces are taken from my “Cosmic Comic”, a work in progress, showing how God, Consciousness, Light, the quantum world, cosmology and Brahman are essentially the same. The numerous illustrations map out a subtle energy field that underlies all manifestation, describing a cuboid metaphysical Matrix, discovered by Plato, Pythagorus and Planck; and inside of which our Cosmos appears.

It’s soon to be offered as an E Book on this site. Hopefully entertaining and enlightening too, it attempts to describe the indescribable experience of a magical journey within you, by painting pictures in your mind’s eye.

Thank you for taking time out to read this bio and I do hope you enjoy the Artwork.

Sai Ram, Digby


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