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Dawn Holliday

United Kingdom
Walton-On-Thames, SRY
United Kingdom

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I'm quite a spiritual person, so I try to paint from my heart and soul. My interests are diverse and ever growing and you'll see hints of many of them them in my work. My main interest is making the world a more harmonious and peaceful place in any way I can and quietly encouraging others to do the same. I suppose it's more of a purpose than an interest though...

For me the deeper questions in life, like 'why are are we here?' and 'who are we?' have always been on my mind since I was small and from the age of around 15 I have been on what I would call a personal journey of discovery.

The universe and the idea of cycles of time, ascension, dimensions, portals, mythological archetypes, ancient advanced civilizations and other realms are more than fascinating to me. I'm of the belief that there's so much we don't full understand and that often, truth is stranger than fiction Wink All these thoughts and more influence my art today...

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