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David Delamare was born in the United Kingdom, but has lived most of his life in Portland, Oregon. For many years he has lived with his publisher, agent, and collaborator Wendy Ice. (He also shares his home with two rabbits that have the run of his painting studio, a cat, and a giant tortoise.)

Delamare has had an artistic temperament since childhood. He has never been an employee or driven a car. He seldom wakes before noon and often works until dawn.

His paintings, which are currently created in oil on canvas, have been purchased by museums. They have also appeared on book and album covers, in television programs, and in films.

He has illustrated ten published books: a retrospective, eight children's titles (including two of his original stories and a collaboration with Carly Simon) and an adult alphabet book. In 2013 he also completed the illustrations for a new version of "Alice in Wonderland.

Delamare is a great fan of the theater. He was pleased to design sets and costume concepts for the American premier of Trevor Nunn's "Peter Pan". He is also a passionate film buff, so he enjoyed creating production art for Warner Brother's Animated Pictures and a Francis Ford Coppola project. In addition to painting, Delamare is currently writing music. He is also writing stories, developing a screenplay with Wendy Ice, and working with her to develop short films.

Delamare checks his Facebook fan page daily and hears from collectors in locations as populous as London and as remote as Pitcairn Island. A restaurant in the Hamptons is decorated with his art, as is a dessert parlor in Singapore.

More information about David Delamare's art, slideshows of his work, and prints of this image can be found by visiting his official website. His work may also be found on Facebook and on Youtube.

Note: If you are a Pinterest user, please only pin Delamare images from David Delamare's Pinterest page. (They have the proper copyright information.)

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