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I mostly paint WOMEN. I look at this experience from multiple angles—as a woman perceiving the world, and as a woman perceived. I seek the unguarded moment as we awaken from the private vulnerable domain of sleep to the public stage—the short time before we don our costumes and engage our social roles as wives, mothers, and creative forces in the world. These women are stripped bare in order to expose our essential nature.

POETRY OF SPACE (after Bachelard) is about a woman—awake or asleep, comfortable or cautious, relaxed or intense. She is part of her space, wrapped up in it—immersed, absorbed, confined, or perhaps just resting comfortably.

WOMEN AND FOOD (or HAUTE CUISINE) is an ongoing series; it is about women and therefore about life and beauty. Food staples evoke both the external, giving a sense of place and time, and the internal, becoming a symbol for desire and fear, discontent and satisfaction. Seeds symbolize fertility, potential, and awakening. One variation (or perhaps inversion) of this series depicts women with unnaturally large insects, with the implication of women as prey and therefore symbolically as object of appetite.

My PORTRAITS tell stories of people—their optimism and innocence, wisdom and contemplation, grace and complexity. They also speak about me, and how I see the world.

JAZZ is an inspiring subject. Emotional and improvisational, it possesses great potential for expression through brushstroke and color. FLAMENCO seduced me three years ago in Spain. It is about color, energy, movement, and emotion—I chase the moment through painting. I love the drama, speed, power and grace.

Most of my work is paintings—ACRYLICS and OIL on canvas. I also enjoy working on PAPER—it's fragile but can take almost any medium. I am fascinated by PRINTMAKING, especially ETCHING. Reacting to the multi-step process is the driving force of etching; it's refreshing to start something without knowing where exactly it's going or what the final result will be like.

I was born in Rostov-Veliky, a small historical town near Moscow, Russia. My art studies began with 4 years of classical art training at a children art school, as well as some workshops with an established artist Alekseev. At the age of 15 I was accepted to study painting and drawing at the Kalinin Art Academy in Moscow. In 1994 I came to the United States to complete my B.F.A. degree at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. I have exhibited my work in many group and one-person shows in Washington DC, Maryland, New York, England, and Virginia, where I now live and work as a professional artist and art instructor. I am also a recipient of multiple grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. My work is in many national and international collections.

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