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My name is Ed Schaap and I was born and still live in the Netherlands.
I have always been an Artist as long as I can remember. At first I drew with a pencil but at this moment I’m very good using an airbrush, acrylic- and oil paintings and the computer. As you can see in my work I’m fascinated by the work of H.R giger, but over the Years I have created my own style with is at least to be called bizarre and disturbing.

I’m modern surrealist artist and now at this moment I get my inspiration for my work of the modern day of life, but also myth and legends and I give it my own vision. This results in very bizarre and disturbing works, a vision of what I thinks that may become of or (already distorted) world.
I always put in some kind of alienated distortion which will let that realism and fantasy running through each other.

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