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This user has not added any Bio info yet.Dan Murphy is a self taught sculptor.He originally wanted to be a writer but he found sculpting to be a superior medium for the the stories he wanted to tell.He frequently deals with the psychological and its aberrations while also creating fantasy works as a means of escape.He finds that humor is a universal language and uses archetypical imagery to keep his work accessible and succinct.
The artist honed honed his craft at Dadonnas Studio,a commercial studio specializing in the production of large scale sculptures and installations for theme restaurants and parks.Amongst their many clients was Universal Studios,Orlando.Disney,Orlando,Saudi Embassy,Wash.D.C.,Jimmy Buffetts Margherativille,Jamiaca ,Ripleys museum,Toronto,Ontario and many others.

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Hopefully I have properly submitted some images of my work for your
Thank you,
Dan Murphy

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