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Giorgio De Michele

Firenze, FI

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Illustrator, Graphic designer, web designer, digital painter, I like to create and design games, expecially roleplaying games and boardgames.
My art is influenced by the mystical, the alchemical, the spiritual and religious searchs of humanity.
I try to impart an hidden symbolism, not ever readily recognizable, in my paintings. Some symbols are superficial and often misguiding, others are more emotionals and hidden, and reveal the heart of my world vision.

My games and stories try to narrate the history of our spiritual and religious beliefs, both past and future. I try to look in humanity soul to find the reasons that make mans (and sometime Gods) to impose pain and suffering on humanity, animals, and the Earth as a whole.
Until now, I'm yet to find an answer, so I'm still searching...

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Joined: 10/17/2013
Architecture and self-taught artist

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