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I create small fantasy inspired works using crystals, minerals and gemstones. I also create vehicles (faery gypsy wagons) using small pieces of driftwood. I have been working in this direction for 5 years now, and love love love what I am doing. I have never seen this approach used anywhere else and am confident I have come up with an original concept. : )

The pieces themselves are fanciful and organic, as the process is very spontaneous and takes on a life of it's own. The materials determine the shape, I simply do my best to follow their lead. They are also charged energetically. I am secure in saying that part of what lead me to creating these is that I am able to perceive other realms myself. I see the beings that come to inhabit these seats and thrones, wagons and temples. Because I do, I am able to infuse the works with this possibility for others, and have heard back time and time again from those who have begun to have their own experiences.

The qualities of the stones used as well as my intention serve to create an opportunity. The copper binds all of the elements energetically, or alchemically, into a single tone (vibration), which is what then resonates and calls forth the individual faery, sprite, or elemental. Why is this of interest? These beings are one with nature, and of a refined level of consciousness. Their presence sparks and reminds us that within nature is found a pure and true reflection of our own good and pure nature, a "higher" level of awareness, there for the experiencing if we can just quiet ourselves into it.

They say that it is possible to receive a gift, a passport of sorts that enables the bearer to step with ease (and back again) into the other realms. This gift is known as the Silver Bough or Branch, given by the Faery Queen to grant entryway into the lands of immortality, of joy and peace before one's appointed time of death. The Celts (as well as many other schools of belief, such as Tibetan and Shivite Tantra) believe that this Heaven~World exists as one with the world we live in, and that what is required to perceive it is a shift in consciousness. The challenge is to hold your preference there once you have perceived it.

And so I offer my works to you as such a passport, an offering of otherworldy possibilities, all within your reach...

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