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My name is Nina Bolen, & I live in East TX with my husband & our many animals. When I'm not working with animals I create art.

I've become best know for my whimsical fantasy artwork of dragons & other mythical creatures.

I grew up watching The Dark Crystal & The Labyrinth over and over again, and Jim Henson's The Story Teller & Fraggle Rock where my favorite shows. So it's natural that my artwork would be inspired by Brian Froud, Wendy Froud & Jim Henson. I have loved fantasy artwork my whole life, and it revolves around everything I do, or should I say everything I do revolves around it ^_^.

I have won awards for my one-of-a-kind artwork. My artwork can be seen in publications such as, Teddy Bears & Friends Magazine, Teddy Bear Review, Bird Talk, Dollums Magazine, just to name a few.

I studied fine art/sculpting/illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but I still considers myself largely a self-taught artist, because well I never finished school sadly (thou I do hope to go back someday) and I'm not doing what I went to school for. My grandmother showed me how to use a sewing machine & I went to town making things. I love making tiny goblin clothing!

I am available for free-lance illustrations, book covers, licensing & some custom orders.

If you enjoy my artwork please like me on FaceBook, my work can be seen under Feather Heart Creations

More of my work can also be seen on deviantART under The-GoblinQueen

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