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Since my childhood, I have been in the habit of seeing human faces, figures, living creatures in the most ordinary things like on the walls of the buildings, in the sky, on the rocks. Over time, this habit has not disappeared and with the process of growing up and sustainable psychological mechanisms, it has transformed into something more meaningful, yet not deprived of a child's spontaneity. In my works the sky usually carries the main symbolic load by directing the beholder in the right direction, while the sea symbolizes life, its dangers, difficulties, along with its versatility and infinite splendor. I do love mutually exclusive phenomena, which, like a playful loving couple, ultimately become one. I have always loved exceptions and have to confess that I am seeking a password, a golden key, which will allow juxtaposing two incompatible things: realism and expressionism. To juxtapose the way good and evil , heaven and earth intertwine as a terrestrial proof that any stereotype, however strong it might be, is doomed to be broken someday… I love it when rigid stereotypes are broken…And you know what? God willing, one day I’ll succeed in doing it too.

Art School N1 Kapan, Armenia 1992- 1997

YSE University , Yerevan, Armenia , 2003- 2008

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Kapan Art School, Armenia

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