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A PROLIFIC and DIVERSE multitalented American woman artist, writer and musician who creates art to represent issues related to human rights, civil rights, human experiences including the experience of women in contemporary society. She also paints and writes to promote animal rights and earth environments.

Grace Divine calls this "art with a consciousness" and considers it an exercise in freedom of speech and religion, commentary, news reporting and historical chronicle.

In addition, much of her work is motivational and inspirational. And most of it is compiled into ART SERIES so that it more effectively expresses concepts.

Her paintings have been featured in the famed BBC DOCUMENTARY Gustav Klimt: The Kiss THE LIFE OF A MASTERPIECE. Also, the art has been shown at commercial establishments and art galleries throughout the United States and Mexico. And for the public benefit, it was shown at the Galerstein Women's Center in Dallas, Texas. In addition, it is in multiple private collections throughout the world.

Finally, Grace also writes, illustrates and published ONE BOOK PER DAY. Google "Grace Divine Amazon Book."

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