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Karen Dukes

United States
Yuba City, CA
United States

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Karen Dukes is a native of Northern California and has lived in Yuba City her entire life. She has always been inspired to create a scene of texture and color in her yard by using different kinds of plants and flowers. This ability now has become her greatest asset as she creates on canvas a whimsical setting that brings the viewer into her world. Karen’s colorful whimsical style of painting brings smiles to many as they enter her gallery. Her use of bold colors has been praised as “happy, intriguing, and vibrant.” Her favorite subjects include tropical plants, dragonflies, butterflies and vineyards. Some of her most recent works have had more of a pop art feel to them. She believes art should be an uplifting experience and a celebration of life.
She started painting in 2006 and soon realized her talent to be more than just a hobby. Her studio in midtown was opened in 2008.

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