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「不僅止於負片 Not Totally Negative」畫展
負片效果讓我看到人、事、物的另外一面,也常開玩笑說好像是看到靈界。「不僅止於負片」的意思是,從顏色顛倒視角看出去,也可以拍出漂亮又有深度的東西, 關鍵要找到角度以及掌握好瞬間的光線。 有時是完全碰巧抓到絕佳效果,有時則需自己編排道具來創造。 我的「不僅止於負片」作品中的明暗交換,影子與光線取代對方的位置,讓我們的眼睛「誤會」它們像一幅幅畫, 我們的大腦不習慣顛倒的視界,感覺很妙,我喜歡這個美麗的誤會,於是把作品印刷在畫布上, 當它們是獨一無二的,在法文叫pièce unique ,每件作品只有唯一一幅,給它們一個個體的身分。
The first time I discovered the Negative filter I couldn’t believe I found another world hidden into our daily life. The big difference with the other filters is that Negative doesn’t change nothing, it only reverts the colors and the brightness. It gives me a way to see another side to all people, things and sceneries around me, I often joke saying that this is “the other world”. The meaning of NTN is that with the color and the brightness reversed we can see beautiful things that are usually ugly; everything is about angle and timing. Sometime luck brings me a great scene and sometimes I have to make it happen. Our brain is not used to this effect so people often mistake my pieces to be paintings or drawings and that is why I decided to treat them all as Unique Pieces and print them on canvas so they all have their own identity.
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