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Kerry Nelson

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About Kerry Nelson

Studio Name: EquiArt-n-More

Also known online as: KerryOriginals

I've been painting and drawing most of my life, and, am predominately self-taught, having been creating and selling my work since I was in grade school as far back as the late '60's. I am a '90 grad of the Art Institute of Dallas where I graduated with honors and the 1990 Students Choice Award for Best Illustration Portfolio. Soon after graduating, I realized my heart lay in fine art, so, I returned to my first love of drawing and painting equine, wildlife, and western type fine art. I have worked as a part-time artist since the late '70s, and, became a full time fine-art professional artist since 2004.

I have explored many painting styles over the years including impressionism, photo-realism, post-impressionism, and, even abstract! I like to think my work now is a blending of sharp photo-realism with the looser, more expressive impressionism, and finally stamped with my own unique character and style. As such, my work has evolved into something perhaps more accurately described as stylistic-realism, and, leans more to romantic, idealized, and (sometimes) even a fantastical interpretation of reality!

My usual subject matter generally involves equines in some form or another. Horses, horses, horses! I was a horse-crazy child, and, as an adult just past the half-century mark, I haven't changed much! I'm still very much the horse-aholic! I paint horse portraits and purely fictitious made up horses as well as pure fantasy equids such as unicorns, Pegasus, hippocampus, and, many, many centaurs!

I am not limited to just horse art, however! I also paint wildlife, western, landscapes, and more recently, pet portraiture. I do accept commissions for all types of art including formal portraiture, equine and pet portraiture, and non-portrait commissions such as landscape, wildlife, western and fantasy themes.

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Joined: 10/23/2014
Art Institute of Dallas plus years of self-motivation

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