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Artist and researcher on a visit
I have developed strong skills in many areas; I am working at different universities as a visiting professor and on many different projects including artistic (painting, drawing, photography, video, performance, conceptual), research (visual communication, verbal communication, mythology and symbols, consciousness, human perception and behaviour) and commercial (illustrations, book design, corporate identities, web design, packaging). On one hand i had to develop various skills to be able to survive as freelancer and on the other this wass ideal for me because I am very curious and I want to understand all facets of life.
In my personal research I am expanding my knowledge of different fields which enabled me to get a much broader and complete understanding of Art and Life as a whole, seeing the interconnectedness between all its streams. I am therefore capable of immediately varying creative and the teaching skills. In my past project and lectures I was able see that this was a privilege for my clients and students. I may say I work holistically.

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I am telling stores with visual language.
I am searching in theory of visual, science and philosophy to deepen understanding of visual communication, to understand and to create.

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