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The hidden history of the world is a story of powerful feminine forces, long expunged by the patriarchy. Laura “Pelick” Siadak is working to help reclaim this lost knowledge with her portraits of archetypal female power.

Goddesses, elementals, and fairies hold a stately court in Ms. Siadak’s kingdom of imagination, presiding over deep forests, desert plains, and snow-swept fields. These mythological forces given form are most often confident and serene, but some are tormented by unseen forces or unexplained situation and chose to hide their true faces behind elaborate masks.

Whatever their disposition, Laura’s figures are rendered with varying levels of abstraction, but they always maintain their dignity, femininity, and humanity. ~ Review @ Blue Moon Rising 2008

Laura Pelick knows exactly how to create atmosphere in her paintings. While she primarily paints figures in nature, this night sky painting stood out to me while browsing her website. I can feel the refreshing night air, and see the fireflies darting around. ~ About “Fireflies Come Out At Night”. Maria Fulmer, owner of Shop Art Direct 2012
Selected Work on Display at:
Onesto Pizza, St. Louis
Hoods Home Decor, Jefferson Ave, St Louis

Group Shows:
2013 August GenCon Fantasy/Scifi Convention
2013 April Planet Comicon Convention
2013 March Mad Art Gallery The Spirit of the Muse
2012 September Strange Folk Fest Outdoor Art Fair
2012 June-July Soulard Art Market Color
2012 May-June Concrete Ocean Beggars & Burlies
2012 April Mad Art Gallery Through the Looking Glass
2012 Jan-Feb Soulard Art Market Masks
2011 Aug-Nov Café Cioccolato
2011 June-July Soulard Art Market RED
2010 Oct-Nov Soulard Art Market Mixed Media
2010 Jul 2720 Cherokee Drawgasmic
2006-2011 GenCon Fantasy/Scifi Convention

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Joined: 08/06/2013
Alfred School of Art and Design

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