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My name is William VanDorin, I am a surrealistic fantasy artist. Reality is only a perception of what is possible, and that is limited only by our imagination. Inspired by this statement, my world has been a departure from the norm from a very young age. My life has been spent in pursuit of a single goal, the ability to create anything I can imagine. I am classically trained in many disciplines, and nearly all mediums. I have traveled the globe in the hopes of cultural enrichment, only to achieve an odd detachment.

My work reflects the world in a, “through the looking glass” twist on what is, and could be. I am wildly irreverent and satirical, and yet compulsively ambitious. I have a bachelors degree from the California Institute of Fine Arts, but put very little stock in certificates over ability. Loud Silence Studio, has been my creative home for over three decades, specializing in high end art, and collectables.

Artists who have influenced me include, Walt Disney, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Frank Frazzetta, Salvador Dali, Auguste Rodin, and Raphael Sanzio. Literary masters that have influenced me are, Edgar Allen Poe, Isiac Asimov, The brothers Grim and Hómeros. Let me show you the unlikely removed from the mundane, let me show you the world of Loud Silence…

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