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Perth, WA

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Mark has found a love for painting and is enjoying expressing himself through the mediums of oils on canvas and photography. He finds painting helps him with mindfulness and focus. Mark is versatile and is opening up his creative side by trying different styles including abstract, landscapes and still life. Having a draughting and design background, whilst more structured, Mark is now exploring his more creative side which he wishes to pursue as a career into the future.

Mark style is somewhat organic, his pieces evolve as they are being created and often end up as being something quite different to the original concept. Variety is key to maintaining interest and excitement and Mark usually is working on several pieces at once of various genres and timeframes to produce.

“I believe art is personal and communicates by evolving and changing as it develops. I often feel a piece decides how it should be, more than I do. Art shouldn’t be perfect, but expressive.” - Mark Richards

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