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Let me know if you're a gallery interested in my originals.

George Martzoukos' Art Bio (either single illustrations or of short & larger stories) : The New Masters of Fantasy Vol.2 & Vol.3 / Aposperos "Merchant of Souls" by Visionary Comics / BITTER SOULS #3 FROM MARKOSIA "Aposperus" / Jonathan Maberry's: Vampire Universe (Illustration: "Draugr") / Jonathan Maberry's: Zombie CSU / Visionary comics ("An Eden in Hell") Digital Visions 02 (woio)/ Aposperus short Story - Digital Visions 01 (woio) / Artwork inspired by Steven Savile's : "The Heart of Thera" / Illustration for Fantasy Flight Games: Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion / Fleshrot Magazine - Halloween Special "2004" / Richard Johnson's: ::: Erth Chronicles ::: / Azodd Magazine issue.2 / Up magazine – "Profitis comic book" & other art / Avaton Magazine - issue.49 (Channelling Illustration) / Original Art exhibited at: Fanfare Sports & Entertainment inc. / various contributions of Artworks for music cds and other, in collaboration with "Publicgraphics" (amongst them: cover art illustration for Takis Zaharatos' cd: "oloi oi dromoi" by polymusic and also artwork for Kostas Kountos' "Robot"). His work has also been included in art websites in Greece such as: "", "", "" .

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