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Being an artist is a perpetually humbling experience. So, why should you be even remotely interested in my work?

I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my abilities to create new, beautiful pieces. My passion for sharing my little world with society is my one and only goal.

When we die our lives are not measured by the amount of money we earned. You will never go to a funeral and see a teary eyed relative expressing sadness over the amount of money that they made. Our legacy is measured by the positive impact we had on the world while we were alive.

While making money off of my work is nice, I feel much more rewarded when I surprise my clients with my periodic "on the house" policy. I just finished a piece for a women who lost her friend to breast cancer. She wanted me to do a piece as a memorial to give to her friend's mother. I could not charge her for the piece and considered it a great honor to be chosen to do it. Instead I asked her to donate to the fight against breast cancer with the money she planned on paying me. That is what this is all about; humanity. I am blessed to have the ability to evoke human emotion through my work. No amount of money even comes close to the reward granted by a simple act of kindness.

I love all aspects of art. Part of trying to become a recognizable name is by getting your work out there for people to see. You have to know how to market yourself. In that vein, here are the news papers and magazines that have written articles about me and my work.

The Frederick News Post (2 Front Cover Articles)
72 Hours Entertainment Magazine
The Gorilla Magazine (6 Page Article)
The New Market Gazette (2 Front Page Articles)
The Artist Angle News Letter (Named the Artist of the Month for November, 2013)

Other Credentials: I have had solo gallery shows in the following locations:

Flying Dog Brewery
The Frederick Coffee Company and Café
The Artist Angle Gallery
The Cellar Door Restaurant
The Morning Cup Café
ArtoMatic Frederick

My work hangs on my client's walls in Maryland, Washington DC, Long Island New York, Washington state, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, etc...

Stay tuned! Soon a mini-documentary about me and my work will be finished!

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