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Aaminah (or Mina) Snowdon, 23 years old, female, Contemporary artist, North Yorkshire.
From a very young age i have had an avid interest in art, studying it throughout my educational years and attending art classes and societies. I obtained grade A in both GCSE and A-level art at college. I chose to study Ancient History (another love of mine) at the University of Birmingham (I received a 1st class honours degree in 2012). Throughout my university years, I joined the Art Society there and I continued to paint whenever I had free time. After university, I was unsure of what career path to follow, so I took up job as a waitress at a local bistro but I left because of the hostile working environment. Afterwards, I decided to get back to painting, this time with a determination to use my artisitc abilities to make a name for myself and succeed in life. I am very content and happy spending my days and nights painting wildlife and farm animals and making a small business out of it. It gives me a thrill to be so independent; to advertise and promote my artwork online or by word of mouth or through art shows; to discuss commissions with possible customers; to organise supply and demand (ordering picture boxes, paints, paper, canvas etc). I hope to become well known in the art world.

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