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Nickolas Gregson's artistic practice is rooted in graffiti and community centred public art. Raised in East vancouver, Gregson drew inspiration from local street art and the sanctioned graffiti spaces of Leeside tunnel skateboard park. Gregson's long term goal of establishing initiates for mural artist is now taking shape through his recently launched Metro Vancouver art and mural society. Founded by this non-profit intends to allow for collaboration among artists and community members in the urban transformation of blank walls into supports for artwork. Gregson's latest work bridges the gap between studio and street painting, inhabiting a blurred or interesting space between the two worlds. Gregson's murals appear on city walls and his canvas work exhibited in art galleries but has also graced the cover of a popular freely distributed vancouver magazine. Yet while his artwork circulates through these different arteries, the artist intends to remain closely connected to community. “The highest form of art is public art,” claims gregson, who strives to produce art that serves as a platform to speak about social issues.

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