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Bad Krozingen, BW

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Hello everyone, thank you for coming here.
I am an artist at heart and have been drawing and painting all my life. Due to my life story (I have lived in 4 different countries before I became an adult) I never got a professional education, but learned bits by bits on the go here and there. As many autodidacts I fell victim to the charme of anime art (or manga style, as we call it in Germany), but I don't think I am completely stuck with that, though heavily influenced.

So, my art consists of mangaish fantasy art, mostly fantasy creatures, myths and legends. I am not a pro, though I do earn money occassionally with portraits, comissions and some projects. When you are interested in comissioning me, feel free to contact me here, on deviantart, facebook or instagram.

Thank you for reading this oh-so-interesting stuff and I hope you enjoy my gallery Smile

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