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Mary Layton

United States
High Point, NC
United States

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Mary Layton paints stuff. Mostly mythic, fantasy, fairy stuff. Her favourite media are watercolour, pencil, pen & ink, and digital. She has also been known to dabble in photography and along with prints of her paintings, prints of her photography of flora and fauna can be found on her web site: In addition to 2-D visual art, Mary has also begun creating jewellery art and has a selection of earrings available for purchase at Etsy Over the past couple of years, she has created content for the virtual world Second Life, including in-world homes and furnishings, décor (including virtual framed prints of her artwork), items of clothing, and most notably, jewellery. Her Second Life creations can be found in-world at Caledon Cape Wrath, or online at the SL Marketplace: She lives with her husband in North Carolina.

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