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This user has not added any Bio info yet.I am a realistic artist did my BFA from Karnataka chitrakala parishath Bangalore ,India. Was not in touch with art for a long time but the insect of art always tickled me to pick up the brush and finally heard that insect and started painting .In the beginning it was really difficult but with continuous practice I succeeded and sold 20 paintings in one year. But there was not challenge in landscape anymore so thought of doing something different like Portrait and as they say it’s the most difficult subject….been practicing from past one year and succeeded to 70%. It doesn’t matter to me who likes my work and who doesn’t for me every piece of my work is important to me . Art is not like theory that you can just learn it, The only way to be perfect in art is practicing and every work is my steeping stone so would like to share with all. Thank you and have a good day

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