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Hi all, I started drawing in July 2014 after never having drawn before either at school or at college. Art to me always came from the bourgeois of society and that ordinary folk like me had no place to contribute. I always thought art had to be like the old masters and with paint. Then a strange thing happened I saw Goya, Gaughin, Neolithic Art, Indian Art, Mayan Art , Toulouse Latrec, Edvard Munch, Emily Kame Kngwarreye and George Grosz(early work) . Secondly I realized that art did not need to conform to painting, it could be anything watercolor, charcoal, sanguine, pastels. For me art is expressive and should come from the "gut" the primal emotion is what I am looking for in my lines and in what i am conveying. Right now its charcoal, graphite and sanguine.It is just the start but with practice I will get better appreciate your feedback. Any artist interested in political commentary also appreciated.

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