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Shelby Nichols

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Gravette, AR
United States

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Shelby Nichols has always been chasing doorways to other worlds. Her art seeks to tell a story, or hint at character, and she finds inspiration in art that makes the viewer wonder what would happen next or where the subjects had come from.

As a child, Shelby remembers coloring and making mermaid paper dolls with her mother. After drawing on every scrap of paper in the house, and often her homework, her family got her a box of copy paper to encourage her to practice. Through encouragement and imagination, Shelby continues to create today, and is entirely self-taught.

While most of her work is in graphite pencil, Shelby enjoys branching into colored pencil works, and is currently experimenting with painting. She's most known for her detailed black and white pieces, but she enjoys the surprise of seeing unexpected colors in her subjects when creating her color pieces. It was quite a suprise to look at the back of her hand and see blue, green, and hints of purple. Her favorite pieces she's done are dark surrealistic, because she believes there can be beauty in all dark things, even nightmares.

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