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I am a natural student of art since I was a little child. I recall small awards from various institutions since I was in class 5. My thanks go to my Mother and Father who kept encouraging me to do even better. They made me believe in myself; either for money or nothing, to do what I do wholeheartedly. The whole world was my canvas, I just needed to get out and paint away! I have loved drawing and painting all my life. For some time since I left high school, I ventured into graphic design which really helped me in day to day upkeep. Meanwhile, I would sell a painting here and there as I progressed in other avenues of Art. Photography is another passion I have cherished over the years. I have published two full color comic books in Kenya and in Netherlands. (Space Safari and The Alien) 10 years ago I also got into 2D and 3D modeling and Animation. In 2013, I worked on a 21 minute Animated Movie (Makmende II Begins) that took a lot of time to finish. I hope I will be able to find time to do another one in the future.I feel this goes a long way in enhancing my artistic talents. All in all, my deepest love is for fine art. '... An artist is the one who appreciates works of art more than anyone else... '

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