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I Grew up in Colorado and spent allot of time in Minnesota. I have traveled across the USA: Grand Canyon, Garden of the Gods, Yellow Stone, Rocky Mountain National Park, 4 Corners, Mesa Verda, and New York. Been to Keno bay Mexico and a heavenly tree loft here in town.
I am the youngest child of two. My Brother and I both showed artistic and musical capabilities at early ages.
Though I am far more the musician and my brother the artist i still love to draw.
I have honed my artistic abilities to cater towards pencil and or pen.
In the last few years (currently 2013) i have started drawing covers of the Warhammer 40k battle novels i read.
I start off with hours/days worth of time outlining the picture with mech. pencil.
I then erase small sections and redraw the lines, which have left inprints on the page, in liquid pen.
I have dabbled with other mediums: charcoal, paints, pastels, coloured pencils.

I have a wonderful nack for never finishing allot of my artwork. I am hoping to try and change that, but I will upload the better ones and hopefully finishing them too.

I am Self taught, given pointers from my brother, and recieved and A in Drawing 121 at Front Range Community College.

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