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Born in New Orleans Louisiana, Keri and her family moved to a resort town in Diamondhead Mississippi when she was a small child. While in Mississippi, Keri immersed herself in the wonderful natural surroundings of her new home. Keri haunted her local woodlands, and enjoyed the company of the indigenous wildlife; spending hours gazing into the ponds as she became familiar with its watery citizens or boldly blazing nature trails throughout the small town to better access these small worlds. During her youthful days of adventuring and trail blazing, Keri began to get a sense of the presence of the other more secretive denizens of these wooded realms. Her blossoming inner vision of this hidden realm- what she latter realized was "he world of Fairy" became not just whimsey but a firm belief. It was perhaps inevitable that, eventually, in a family full of artists, Keri too began to create. Images of these wing creatures and other worldly beings that invaded her dreams and thoughts began to manifest themselves in her art. Keri continued to create art throughout her high school years, encouraged by numerous the awards she received for her artistic accomplishments. After having gone through a long period of sorrow and personal trials and tribulations during which time she had left her magic worlds and art behind Keri rediscovered both her art and her forgotten fairy friends- along with a new medium: polymer clay. In 2003 Keri picked up her first block of this wonderful material and her own Soul of a Fairy was born, as she was reborn. Keri began to teach herself how to sculpt. Through many tedious hours of working with clay Keri began to create her own singular signature style, a style loved by hundreds of collectors today. Keri has brought much light into the world with her artistic vision not the least of which has been due to such acts as her monetary contributions via auctions of the art of Soul of a Fairy to charities such as the American Cancer Society. Keri counts among her most proud achievements her membership to The World of Froud web ring. In addition, this soul of a fairy was included among the April 2004 artists who were awarded the Froudian Artist of the Month honor. Keri is also a member of Global Fantasy Dolls wherein she was awarded the Featured Global Fantasy Doll artist of the month in June 2004. In 2005 Keri's Sculptures were juried by: Joe Chiodo, Craig Elliott, Spencer Davis, Frank Frazetta, Greg Hildebrandt and Bud Plant, and chosen to be published in the book Aphrodisia Art of the Female Form. In 2006 Keri's art was again juried by: Danielle Bedics, Jullie Bell, Iain MCcaig and Robh Ruppel and chosen to be published in Aphrodisia II Art of the Female form. Keri's Sculpture "Letting Go" Won the Silver Award for Sculpture in Aphrodisia II Art of the female form Globally. Keri's art and magic folk have found homes with happy collectors from across the nation and many pieces reside in homes as far away as the United Kingdom and even Singapore. From her meticulously detailed fantasy sculptures, pose-able art dolls and many other whimsical creations, Keri's sense of vision and imagination adds a refreshing touch to the art world today, and reestablishes a true sense of the magical and unseen realms right in our own back yards. You just have a touch of the soul of a fairy....
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