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I am a young 30 something, I paint in oils and sell mostly as giclees on my website "". I have 144 paintings displayed in my website, click-enlarge, slideshow, paypal. I grew up with an artist in my family, an uncle who taught me techniques and gave me a paintbox and brushes when I was about 8 years old. He was a book illustrator. I grew up in a pristine nature area of California, with forests and deserts, and these settings form a backbone to a lot of my work. I have sold quite a lot of art in Venice, California, and am looking forward to relating to the other artists on this great site, giving and getting feedback, I look forward to it! Starr

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Joined: 08/11/2013

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Hello Epilogue family! I joined about 3-4 months ago, since then I spent much of the summer and fall camping, hiking and climbing in the wilderness area of California, Oregon and Washington. I'm a good climber, I've been climbing all my life. Good technique and physically fit. Can carry 70-80 lbs. I took a lot of pics of the mountains and desert areas, as well as doing a lot of pencil and ink sketches for future pictures. I have updated 6 new oild paintings to my website "". These are fantasy landscapes, based on the inspiration of the natural environment. This is what I do. I now have 144 paintings, sold mostly as giclees on my website. Again it's great to be on this site, and I tremendously enjoy and get inspiration from viewing the artists that display on this site, Best to all, Starr, the artist November 3rd!

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It is great to be a part of the Epilogue family. I intend to upload some of my paintings, I also intedn to search out other painters on this site, to see whose work I like the most, and to comment on their paintings. Starr

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