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My artistic journey began while still at school and for 15 years+ I focused on free-form sculptures (red terracotta clay as my medium), but several international moves made pursuing this impractical and I shifted to digital art as my new medium of expression in 2009 upon my return to Sydney from Amsterdam. After 4 years of intense work I am able to produce high quality work in my chosen field of Digital collage & Mixed media composites.
In the past year (2014) I have launched my main website, 3 online stores, and 3 blogs. My work is selling locally and I am entering selected artworks to a number of online competitions and art shows. I believe my art has achieve a unique personal style but overall there is a definate Surreal and Fantasy/SciFi feel to much of my work. I engae magic realism at times and abstract conceptual at others. I rarely know what I aim to create as the work tends to form itself as the collage takes shape.
This year (2014) I made creating & selling my art a full-time job. In part a leap of faith, but such a step must be taken or nothing changes.
My art consists of works constructed using digital collage of multiple existing stock images, my own resources & pictures, partial/altered thumbnails
The original pix (can be over 20 in most cases) are morphed and blended and layered to create something new, a digital composite or collage bearing minimal or no resemblance to the individual parts used.
On my main tumblr blog, new & old works are posted as well as as smaller number of outside works by other artists.
My Quotes blog Artisticoneliners, is more inclusive of others work with only a small number of posts here going on to feature in a Surrealpete Store.
Selected artworks are for sale on my website and from Imagekind, with Redbubble and Zazzle handling my other products.
I take care to abide by copyright rules and if any artist sees a substantial & easily identified part of their work in one of my collages, my advance apology for
not altering that layer more. If such a case arises & the image owner contacts me, I will action such messages as soon as possible.

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