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Toronto, ON

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Studied art throughout high school 1991-1996.

Completed Graphic Design with extra studies in 3D animation at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology. Spare time during college years were used to refine my fine art skills which you see in my work today.

Producing mostly custom commissioned art such as concept design, logo design and architecture, I am now looking to create works for public digestion.

The styles I work in are Realism and Surrealism. I mostly draw on illustration board using mechanical pencil and paper stomps to achieve superb shadow blending and crisp lines, the result is a visual art of perfection.

My experimentation into other styles in 2004 has led me to create my own technique I call “Carbon Canvas”. I really wanted to bring my pencil skills onto canvas, which I was able to achieve through a few years of much experimenting. Carbon Canvas is a mixed media production, but mainly charcoal is used on canvas.

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