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Growing up Varun Pathak enjoyed both comic books and novels for children and enjoyed drawing and painting as well. The art in books and comics always excited him as a child and his lifelong hobby in drawing as well as his education at Academy of Art University (AAU) helped him grow as an artist. Varun has been commissioned by school teachers in the Philadelphia area for books and pamphlets, of these he's drawn diagrams as well as fictional super heroes to AID THEIR LESSONS. His background in art and the many cartoons and books Varun watched and read growing up helped him see what really stands out and impacts the audience, as well as the themes and styles they respond to the most. Varun is experienced in many different mediums and well versed in story telling art. Varun is trained in school as well as self taught in using CHARCOAL, PENCIL, ACRYLIC and various other traditional mediums. On top of that he has spent over half a decade using digital media such as PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR and InDesign. His skills range from TSHIRT DESIGN to BOOK ILLUSTRATION and everything in between.

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