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Harare, ME

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Hey guys Laughing out loud Nice to meet you

My name is Lutanda Muchenje, a recent high school graduate from Zimbabwe located in Southern Africa.

I plan to pursue art as my future career either in concept art, or architecture. I love working on both traditional media
and digital media with a focus on surrealism and fantasy. I hope to learn from everybody here and hope that I can become
well-known in the art community.

A lot of my art leans to the more realistic in terms of it's style though not in subject matter. I'm mostly drawn to pencil work
and shading with colored pencils usually after adding a base of tempera or acrylic. I love drak atmospheric work exploring
human emotions.

Though I don't illustrate it myself, I love homo-romantic art (I'm gay myself) leaning closer to actual love rather than pure carnal desire.
I love roses and am drawn to the intricacy of dried out plants and roots/ I love drawing human eyes. They are so interesting and beautiful.
I also enjoy sketching the human form as the dynamic curves and twists of the muscles are so pleasurable to draw.

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