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I recived operate sent  weapons

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 15, 2014
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"hey Mr. Kobi Drakula, Operator, sent me any weapon" , a weapon sent now! i have it, in this a coordinate, in air , what after sent a riffle weapon from right hand i do not accept in left arm. After throw hammer in between sword that sent by operator Mr Kobi

perform a scene action

poses a war hero, scene before war, pages 142 from my 1st book, a publish online comic, in indonesian language, a online web comic community self publish , this art work is my presentation of war hero in the future, comic title "Tahun 15890 baraspektrum" or if being translate in language the titile is "a year 15890 Baraspektrum"a page in chapter, Log line_#issue Operator are sent a pack of any weapon form that is can be throw, yet is a gun.

the hero is patriot between army, his name is Jon kairo, an in the planet earth, jon cairo is a police man, yet to be war general commando . baraspektrum an energy that made a conflict, the energy of baraspektrum in the solar system of ours or human, are mine in the planet mars, the baraspektrum has is sagas story, as human never step foot on planet mars the industry of energy are has a "first contact" that develop the future community between alien humanoid and human civilization, when they start the mining industry in the future.

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