How is Epilogue different from other art sites? Why should I post my art here?
We are dedicated to posting only high-quality Art. There are larger art sites out there, but we don't care about that. We are all about quality. We'd rather have fewer artists with outstanding galleries, than have more artists with mediocre (or worse) galleries.

This means some of the art you submit may not get posted. Our decision to post or not post a piece of art will be based on our opinion of the image as it pertains to Epilogue and NOT solely on its artistic merit. Unfortunately, this may offend those whose work doesn't get posted, but this site is about quality, not quantity.

Why are there a lot of empty galleries?
When we started Epilogue back in 1998, we only allowed 4 genres: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and anime. We also had many fewer categories than we have now. Only since the relaunch of the site on the platform you are now seeing have we opened the doors to other genres and added many more categorization options. We imported all of the artwork from the old version of the site and attempted to re-categorize the best we could. It's now up to the artists to fill out the new areas!

How long does it take for a submitted piece to be approved or rejected?
Anywhere from a few hours to a few days. All of the editors are volunteers and handle submissions in their free time. If there is a large queue of submissions, the wait time will be longer. Also, understand that the editorial process is a subjective thing. Some images fall into a gray area and are not easily approved or rejected. Therfore, some submissions require a 'second opinion' and will remain pending longer than others; but have no fear. No piece ever gets forgotten.

I want to know why my artwork was rejected!
We can't possibly give explanations for every rejected image. Review the Art guidelines and Reject Reasons and post your rejected images in the Art - Works in Progress forum and ask for critiques there. We will not respond to email inquiries of this nature.

I want to use your artwork for my website. Is that okay?
Epilogue does not own the copyright to any artwork submitted by its members, therefore you need to contact each artist whose work you want to use. Artist contact information is located in the Artist Profile section of each gallery. Displaying or modifying art without prior consent from the artist is an infringement of copyright - and hence, against the law.

Does Epilogue allow nudity?
Artwork that contains tasteful, artistic nudity is allowed. Sexually suggestive or explicit nudity is not permitted.

What type of art can I submit?
We are currently accepting Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Anime themed art only. You can submit
art of any medium (oil, acrylic, sculpture, etc) as long as it is in digital
format - .jpg or .gif. Refer to the Submission Guidelines.

How do I submit my art?
Simply become a member and click the Submit button!

Can I submit my work even though I do professional work?
Yes, as long as you are the Copyright holder or have written permission by the
Copyright owner. According to the Member Agreement, you are solely responsible for your artwork and any liability that may result from your use of any copyrighted materials, characters, etc.  

Where will my gallery be located and how will visitors find it?
Upon approval, your artwork will be displayed on your Gallery Page, which can be accessed at http://www.epilogue.net /gallery/username(username is your Epilogue Member login name) or by browsing the art galleries.

What is the "Allow Promotional Use" option when submitting artwork?
If you check that box, it means you give Epilogue permission to use that artwork for promotional purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, banners on special sections of the site, Epilogue advertisements on other sites and in various mediums, and in multimedia applications (promo videos, etc). We will not sell your work, license it, or make it available to third parties. We will do our best to credit the artist whenever possible (sometimes this may not be possible due to space/time requirements, etc). The artwork used for promotional materials may be archived in certain ways that make it impossible for us to remove it should the need arise. This would be the case for certain advertising and multimedia applications. We understand that artists sometimes need to remove work from public view for potential licensing with other parties, and we will do our best in that regard.

Art at its best.