Forum Posting Guidelines

The Epilogue forums are provided for our members and guests to discuss art and community-related topics, and subjects of general interest. We don't have a lot of rules, but we do ask that all posters behave professionally and follow these basic guidelines:

Treat everyone with respect, whether they deserve it or not, and always be civil.

Agree to disagree
Differing opinions and viewpoints are welcome. But do not belittle or insult those who do not agree with your opinion. Arguing will not be permitted.

Don't take things personally or out of context
Realize that we are an international community and various common words or phrases can have completely different meanings in different societies.

If something has got you upset, wait until you've cooled down before posting about it. Remember--the more calmly you phrase a response, the less likely it is to cause a problem.

Off-topic Replies
Please keep your posts on-topic with the subject of a thread. This isn't to say you absolutely can't introduce new ideas or make off-topic remarks. Forum conversations naturally digress, and when they do, the best course is to create a new thread for that topic.

Moderators may move posts to more relevant threads, split topics, or create new topics as needed.

The idea is to retain the usefulness of a thread for the person who started it and those who are following it (and may be lurking).

Content of forum posts
When posting artwork for display or critique in the forums, please remember that Epilogue's guidelines for content still apply:
While Epilogue is open to artistic nudity, and even sensuality, anything which would have a rating of R or higher if it were in a movie is generally unacceptable. Explicit depictions of sexual arousal and/or sexual acts are not permitted. Images featuring potentially offensive themes, such as drug use, sex crimes, excessive violence, et cetera, are also not allowed.

When posting messages in the Epilogue forums, you agree not to use language that is: explicit, hateful, pornographic, or otherwise considered inappropriate for an all-ages community.

Dealing with bad behavior from other forum users
Rule #1 - Let the moderators deal with it.
Rule #2 - Refer to Rule #1
We have moderators for a reason. Don't take it upon yourself to respond to, or deal with, rude/inappropriate behavior from other members. Contact a moderator instead.

Contacting Epilogue
Our forum communication hierarchy looks like this: Moderators < Community Liaison < Administration.

Your main contact point are the forum moderators - send a concise PM (private message) to any moderator with any question or concern you have. They will be able to help you. If needed, they will forward your request to the Community Liaison, who will forward it to the Administration, as needed.

Please follow this structure. PM's regarding forum issues made directly to the Administration are not able to be responded to.


Additional Terms of Use
You agree not to hold Epilogue or its members liable for anything stated within the forums.

When a message is placed in any forum system, you are granting a soft license to the site to use it.

Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in email or private messages, but should not be discussed in public forums. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.

Periodically the moderators or editors of Epilogue will post his or her comments, but they may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Epilogue.

Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.


Moderation techniques
Moderators will generally contact a member via PM (private message) as a first response to any issue in regards to behavior.
However, moderators may, at their discretion, remove insulting or inflammatory comments, delete posts, or lock threads, depending on the nature and severity of the issue.

- Seeing Green
The moderators will use Green text when moderating. When you see green, read it and abide by it. If you don't agree with something, PM the moderator directly. They will be happy to hear your concerns.

- Warnings
A member who does not follow the rules will receive a reminder via PM from a moderator. This is for simple or first-time violations.

- Temporary Bans
A member who repeatedly ignores the guidelines, after being warned, will receive a temporary ban from the forums. This will last one week.

- Permanent Bans
A member who continues to break the rules after a warning and temporary ban will be permanently banned from the forums. This is a last resort, not used lightly, to keep the peace and professionalism of our forums. Permanent bans require a majority vote by the moderators and administration.


Commercial Promotion
We do not allow the posting of links promoting websites, products, or other commercial items in our general forums. If you have a website or project you want to promote, check out our advertising options.

However, we do allow forum members to 'show off' projects or products their work has been featured in, as long as the post isn't commercial in nature (ie, "Buy my Book", "Sign up to my web site", etc).


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