Artwork Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines must be observed when submitting work to Epilogue.

  1. Copyright Infringement
    You must have the right to upload any work you submit. Do not submit artwork you didn't create or that was copied from other artists.
  2. File Formats
    Submitted images should be .jpg format, in RGB mode. Filenames (filename.jpg) should contain no special characters or spaces (i.e., "!@#$%&*).
  3. Image quality
    All submitted images should be high-quality. Poor scans, out-of-focus photos, over-compressed .jpg's, etc, will not be accepted..
  4. Image cropping
    All image edges should be clean and properly cropped, unless for artistic purposes.
  5. Image size
    We do not have a defined minimum image size, but smaller images lack detail and are hard to view. The Editors will use their best judgment.
  6. Artwork vs Sketches
    Epilogue accepts both finished artwork and sketches, but they must be submitted properly. Artwork submissions must be finished, polished works, while Sketches can be works-in-progress, sketches, or concept work.
  7. Background / Setting
    All images should have at least a suggestion of setting or scene, even if it's minimal.
  8. Technique
    Because Epilogue represents the best, highest quality artwork, we will not accept artwork that is lacking on a technical level. This does not exclude stylistic or painterly techniques (does not apply to sketches).
  9. Text on images
    Generally speaking, we would prefer that text in your images be kept to a minimum. The exception to this would be a signature, unobtrusive copyright statement or web address.
  10. Nudity / Sexual Content
    Epilogue allows artistic nudity when done tastefully. We do not allow explicit depictions of genitalia, sexual intercourse, or sexual arousal. The Editors will use their best judgment.
  11. Inappropriate Subject Matter
    Do not submit artwork which may be offensive to other members or visitors. This refers to sexual, and  religious / occult themes. The Editors will use their best judgment.
  12. Software Filters and Plug-ins
    We will not approve artwork that contain obvious use of pre-made filters or plug-ins (Lens flares, cloud-filters, textures, etc.). These filters/plug-ins are easily recognizable and have become cliche.
  13. Epilogue quality
    Please browse the galleries to familiarize yourself with the quality level of Epilogue. Submit only your best, finished artwork.
Art at its best.