About Epilogue

Epilogue is a juried art gallery and artist community. Our mission is to help Artists become more successful through high-quality exposure and community interaction. We also assist Art Directors in finding new talent, and introduce Art Lovers to amazing new art.

Being a juried gallery, Epilogue is committed to offering the best quality of any art community around. Not everyone who submits artwork to Epilogue will get a gallery, and we strive to help less experienced artists to improve their work through use of our forums.

Founded in 1998, Epilogue is one of the longer-lived galleries out there. Originally our focus was solely on Fantasy and Sci-fi art, but we have recently expanded our horizons to include other equally imaginative genres.

Epilogue has been through several revisions over the years. The current incarnation has been built as a platform to enable us to more quickly and easily add new features and remain current with technology.

We still have many exciting things planned for Epilogue and we look forward to growing as a community!

Art at its best.