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What are people are saying about Epilogue?

"I received your promotional CD, The New Masters of Fantasy 2003, and appreciate your efforts on behalf of the art community. I can say that we have had pleasant experiences with artists which are represented on Epilogue. We have a long-standing professional relationship with Eric Lofgren, and first saw Hunter McFalls on Epilogue, and ended up hiring him for a number of pieces for an upcoming project."
Judas I. Zeh, Azathot LLC

"I would like to thank you for constructing this site. Some of the best and newest sci-fi and fantasy artists grace the pages of your site and the ease of navigation and arrangement make it a pleasure to look through for new talent. Being an Art Director and having this showcase available to me to search for new talent is a blessing. Being able to contact the artist directly, instead of having to go through some other contact or rep is a dream come true. The level of talent and creativity is astounding and I am always excited to look on the site for new artists. It has replaced Google as my home site."
Michael McGloin, Art Director, The Mountain Corp.

"Just wanted to drop you a note and say how well done I think Epilogue.net is. It's organized intuitively and the content is fantastic. We've found several of the contributing artists for our e-zine from their gallery pages (like Christophe Vacher and Igino -- both have been very gracious to contribute cover art for future issues). Good work and thanks for pulling this all together. It's neat to see such a high-quality website out there."
Jeff Wheeler, DEEP MAGIC

"I love Epilogue. It's a wonderful site that houses some of the best talent out there. You're providing a fine service and I wish you the best."
Jason L. Blair, Editor-in-Chief, Key 20 Publishing

"I just want to say that the talent that you have amassed on this site is beyond incredible."
Kat Schmitt, DOorDICE.com

"Jenny Dolfen, who has a gallery on Epilogue, recently fulfilled an art contract for Hollow Moons Productions's game, Darker Dungeons. The game is currently in production and the art that was completed by Ms. Dolfen was of the highest quality and done in a timely and professional manner. I came upon Ms. Dolfen's work while perusing the Epilogue galleries and made contact with her through the information listed on this site. I would like to take a moment to commend your web site for the excellent work that it does and to recommend Ms. Dolfen in the highest possible way."
Jason A. Beineke, General Manager, Hollow Moons Productions, LLC.

"I like the way that you have constructed your website. It is easy to use and allows me to discover a multitude of new artists without a lot of hassle."
Robert J. Grieve, Art Show, Norwescon

"I just wanted to say thanks to the great site Epilogue has made for artists and art lovers, and a big thanks to all the friendly folks here. A substantial part of my artistic art career has come directly from Epilogue.net-- for example, my regular work for Fantasy Flight Games over the last one and a half years. I enjoy being an active part of this wonderful Sci-fi and Fantasy art community, even though I live far away at the Gate to the Austrian Alps."
Franz Miklis, Artist

"e;I've found LOTS of work through Epilogue! Comments: One of the most rewarding parts of being a member of Epilogue is the added exposure it has given me! I could not even count the number of commissioned projects and regular clients and customers who have found me through my Epilogue gallery! It has led to many long-lasting business relationships and wonderful experiences. I highly recommend Epilogue to any artist - for both the community and the networking opportuniities!"e;
Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Artist

"I was commisioned by Dark Animus to do a cover for them. I found out about Dark Animus through your site and I'd like to thank you!"
Steve Morris, Artist

"As I mentioned at Dragon*Con, I have shrugged off all forms of internet representation until now, and I feel very good about your company and what it has to offer."
Mark Poole, Artist

"Just a quick note from a new member-- thanks for a humane, ethical approach to providing artists exposure over the internet, and for keeping the standard of quality high."
June Ponte, Artist

"I just spent some more time perusing the galleries of some recent Editors' Picks and I am yet again stunned at the breadth of ideas and the overall quality. Wow... One sits in one's room and works in near solitude, boxed in at times by the limitations of personal scope, then steps out for often blindingly eye-opening forays into worlds of ideas unimagined. What an incredible resource for us developing artists."
Jeff Johnson, Artist

"Your website is the best collection of fantasy/sci-fi art that I've ever seen on the Web. There are an unprecedented number of talented artists out there and your site proves it. I was extremly pleased when I found this place and have been at the computer for the last four hours looking at all the pictures! I am now quite inspired and plan on doing some drawing of myself tonight."
Luke Vigneault, Aspiring Artist

"I just wanted to say thank you. I have been looking for an art website that doesn't just take in anything anyone makes. I am young... 19... and have lots and lots of improving to do myself. I have 3 works posted here so far at Epilogue, and many others I submitted have been turned down. The reason I am saying thank you is because I work a lot harder on my peices now because of Epilogue. You guys force me to push myself to do better and figure out what needs to be worked on. Although I still haven't the skill to improve all the works that are turned down, I learn what to watch for in my future pieces. Hopefully someday I can fix up those older ones so they *do* meet the qualifications. It's truly an honor to have even a single work in a gallery that is also home to so many extremely talented proffesionals. Thank you for helping me improve."
Stephanie "Chibi" Bajema, Aspiring Artist

"Epilogue is amazing... I suppose you get lots of these but I'm boring and so have sent you yet another. It is just astounding how much work has been put into Epilogue, and to such great effect! With beautiful design and layout, easy navigation and a huge variety of art, it is certainly the best Fantasy site on the Net. I hope you all just keep going and going (I bet that makes you feel tired Smile But this is just to say that you are all incredible and a huge thanks for all the work you have put into the site."
Ailsa Joy, Guest

"I would just like to say you guys are appreciated. It is very nice to be able to look at really good art without having to search through endless stuff. You guys are great!"
Chris, Guest

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the presentation and quality of work seen here on Epilogue. I want to encourage you to keep up your level of integity and quality, and not to accept things of a low standard or subject matter as many other sites tend to do. Cheers! "
Corinna Boag, Guest

"I wanted to write to express my satisfaction with the service Epilogue provides in showcasing some very fine artists. I recently commissioned some artwork from Walter Bruneel, one of the artists featured here, for the upcoming novel Decay's Champion. He is a very talented and professional individual and a real joy to work with. I would never have found him without Epilogue. Thanks a million!"
Dan Wunder, Guest

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